Versatility in Style

The diversity of projects I've worked on has helped me gain a sense of the importance of adapting your approach to each video. Each project calls for different ways of doing things, so I strive to maintain a versatile approach to ensure I can provide a style that is appropriate to each project I work on. This can range from a reflective and intimate profile on a single character, to a fast edit that captures the energy of a late night event.

Versatility in content

With experience in a wide variety of content - from videos capturing panel events, to the production of music videos - I'm able to work to produce videos within whatever form you require. With this also comes a flexible approach to my work flow: with my experience in the production of corporate videos, I am able to work in a way that prioritises efficient production and fast turnaround, while maintaining a high quality of content. Similarly in a longer-term creative project, I am able to adjust my approach to have a more involved role in production, with an emphasis assisting in the longer-term evolution of the project.

Interactive process

While I love the excitement of filming on location, it's in the editing process that I believe my strengths come through. I strive to make the editing process as interactive as possible, so that whoever I'm working with can ensure their vision is carried through to the end of the project. I'm a big believer of taking ego out of the editing room, and making sure to be as flexible as possible while providing suggestions and solutions from an editor's perspective.